One of the biggest questions on people’s minds, particularly those that are looking for employment, is simply, “Where are the jobs?”  In a job market that seemingly seems to reflect growth and then decline, there are areas that are hiring.  The problem is, many of these are specialized markets and unless you carry the proper credentials, you don’t even garner a second look.  As people look for employment, it’s important to know what will come up on a background check, as companies will only take the best of the best.

For those in the health care field, there is a good chance of landing a job.  For those who are lawyers, there is not much success on the job hunt.  One growing area, like healthcare, is software development.  As a computer programmer, there is a better than average chance of being hired than in several other fields at this point in time. 

An interesting thing to consider is that it doesn’t matter where people are living, as some of the largest metropolitan areas such as Los Angeles are still struggling to create jobs.  For many, there might be the need to move to a new location to find that long awaited job.  For applicants who make this decision, being forthright on a resume is important, as companies that conduct an employment verification or an education verification will be looking to weed out anyone that falsifies their information.

The most recent unemployment figure put out this last week shows an unemployment rate of 9.1%.  When you consider where that number was at the start of the recession, it really is a staggering figure.  But as can be seen above, there are jobs available and the list is much longer than what is described here.  Unfortunately, it can be an issue of time and place, but there are opportunities.  As more and more companies conduct employment screenings to weed out potentially bad candidates, knowing what an employer will find is important to knowing how this might affect one’s ability to get hired and find that new job in a very difficult job market.

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