In today’s world, a person’s digital footprint is a presence that can be a positive or negative representation, depending on the way a person chooses to present themselves in social media.  Social Media Screening provides a company the opportunity to look into someone’s online presence, and can provide a glimpse into whether or not they would be a detriment to the company if hired.

One advantage of using a company like PeopleG2 is that our Social Media Screening methodology is completely FCRA compliant.  Several companies have begun utilizing methods of gathering social media information, many of which opens them up to things such as discrimination claims, FCRA compliance issues, EEOC fines and many other potential problems.  When conducted properly, Social Media Screening can provide human resource professionals and hiring managers the information needed to make the appropriate human capital decisions. 

The importance of utilizing PeopleG2’s social media due diligence is that it encompasses all forms of content that is user generated.  We are able to locate and report back on any tweets, social networking posts from pages such as Facebook and Myspace, blog entries, photos and videos.  These things are then evaluated for their relevancy to the aspect of hiring or other employment-related decisions, and a profile is provided to the client.

Social Media Screening is an important new aspect to making the right hiring decision.  If done properly, it can provide pertinent information that will let you know the person you are looking to hire or currently employ is a good fit for your company.

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