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While most staffing agencies are familiar with ATS systems, there are far more HR automation tools available today than just the basics. In fact, there are hundreds of tools that can help you in every single stage of the hiring process, including staying in touch with high-ranking candidates for future positions.

Working in a staffing agency is no easy task, especially in the midst of the so-called Great Resignation, with thousands of highly qualified candidates now seeking new positions. The hiring process takes hours upon hours of work from parsing through resumes to scheduling interviews to squaring away the final paperwork with your chosen candidate. Luckily, modern technology can help alleviate many bottlenecks associated with the hiring process.

Below, we will provide an overview of modern technologies and tools that can help streamline the hiring process.

Finding Your Candidates

Job Advertising

Numerous programmatic job advertising tools allow you to purchase and subsequently target digital ads, helping you seek out ideal candidates directly rather than merely placing a post on a job board and hoping for the best. Tools like Appcast, Joveo, Adstream, and Wonderking, to name a few, can save you loads of time sorting through irrelevant applications. 

Social Media Sorting

With more and more of our interactions occurring online these days, social media is no longer a purely recreational activity; many people now engage in professional networking on social media websites. LinkedIn is the obvious choice, and LinkedIn’s Talent Solutions can help you connect with relevant candidates, but there is no need to limit your search to a single platform. You can also use tools like HootSuite, HireRabbit, and more to do things like automate social recruitment posts and aggregate data from various social media sites.

Candidate Engagement 

These days, candidates – especially qualified ones – have more options than ever before. Therefore, it’s on your company to keep candidates engaged, especially early on in the hiring process when candidates may walk if your company doesn’t appeal to them straight away. Candidate engagement automation tools can do things like send follow-up emails to candidates who have viewed job postings or trigger popups on your site prompting candidates to apply when they visit your site. 

Selecting And Scheduling Candidate Interviews

Resume & Candidate Pre-Screening

A standard of many ATS systems, resume screenings can scan thousands of resumes to identify qualified candidates and pass them on to the next stage in the hiring process. While still a vital part of the process, resume screenings often weed out the unqualified candidates more so than identifying the best ones. Additional HR automation tools – like virtual assistants and chatbots – can gather relevant information about applicants that is then passed on to HR for review, helping you narrow down your list of potential hires more than you could with a resume screening alone.

Pre-Interview Assessments

Anyone who has been on the job hunt in recent years has probably come across an automated pre-hire assessment when submitting their resume through platforms like Indeed. These are quick tests or – sometimes – even interviews conducted by an advanced chatbot that can screen out those candidates less likely to work out. Pre-hire assessments can do everything from checking technical skills to vetting a personality fit to asking logistical questions about location, timzone, and so on.

Automated Scheduling

More and more staffing agencies are using automation tools to let candidates schedule interviews themselves rather than wasting time with extraneous back and forth emailing. These tools send those candidates selected for an interview a link where they can choose an interview slot from a variety of available times. Once candidates select an interview timeframe, an automated email gets sent to all relevant parties with the details, saving HR loads of time in the process.

Candidate Nurturing

These days, one interview is rarely enough to settle on your top candidate, but it’s not uncommon for applicants to grow impatient and walk away from a job. Therefore, candidate nurturing is important when it comes to maintaining top talent, and many automation tools help with the process. Candidate Relationship Management (CRM) tools such as Avature, Jibe, and Smashfly can automate email flows, text messages, and more to provide updates on the application process, ensuring candidates feel valued and do not get impatient between interviews.

Hiring & Beyond

Background Checks

Once you have selected your top candidate, background checks are vital, but can often lengthen the hiring process considerably. Luckily, background check screening services can automate many parts of the process, so qualified candidates don’t walk while you’re sorting through the paperwork.

PeopleG2’s services automate many aspects of the background check process and seamlessly integrate with the most popular ATS systems. We provide mobile background check tools – like SwiftHire and SwiftID – that allow candidates to enter information themselves and receive automated updates and reminders throughout the background check process to keep them engaged and informed while awaiting their start date.

Candidate Rediscovery And Ranking

In many cases, you’ll end up with more than one quality candidate at the end of the process, but with only one spot to offer. An important part of a staffing agency’s work is to keep building the talent pool, and rediscovery and ranking automation tools can help. Tools like Uncommon, Clearfit, and HiredScore help you identify and reach out to past candidates that may be a good fit for future roles.

HR Automation Tools: The Bottom Line

While the hiring process takes a lot of work, HR automation tools have come a long way in the past few years. Current tools go well beyond the capabilities of routine ATS and resume screening systems can help with nearly every aspect of hiring. By investing a bit of your budget in the right tools, you can save your company loads of time and money in the long run by hiring faster and smarter. 

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