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When a company is considering conducting background checks on prospective or current employees, the question that is often asked is how much is a background check.  Price may differ from company to company, but what needs to be taken into consideration is what that price will get you.  Will you get the information you are looking for, or will you get a rubber stamp stating nothing has been found?  How much is a background check is a question that needs to be asked, but there needs to be more factors that go into the decision than just cost.

How Much Is A Background Check:  Database Searches

It is a well known fact that some companies simply utilize database searches to verify a criminal history.  This is one thing that needs to be taken into account when considering a background check company.  At PeopleG2, we provide court based searches, and consistently beat our competition with regards to turnaround times.  Whereas some companies have been known to report old or incorrect information, we work to verify information that is found before it is passed on to the client through a Quality Assurance process.  Due diligence is primary when providing our clients with this important information.  How much is a background check is always the question within a corporation, and accuracy and turnaround time are two important aspects to the answer.

How Much Is A Background Check:  Customer Service

PeopleG2 knows that our clients need to be happy with both results and the ability to ask questions.  Customer service is one of the most important parts of any good business.  When the question of how much is a background check surfaces, customer service is perhaps the second most sought after element.  When hiring decisions are on the line, getting assistance when needed is of primary importance to any HR department.

When it’s time to review a background check policy, how much is a background check is one of the first things that is asked.  The best advice for HR departments is to not let price be the only driving factor in choosing what searches to pursue, but make sure other aspects are considered that are important to your company.  It could be the quality and type of information, the level of the search, or the customer service response.  PeopleG2 can help you determine all the possibilities, and the how much is a background check question can be quickly answered by providing a search package that meets all of your companies needs.

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