The much anticipated EEOC ruling on Arrest and Conviction Records for Criminal Records used during Employment Screening has finally arrived.  It is extremely important that you review the guidance they have provided and ensure, with your legal counsel, that your process is up to date.

If any of you were able to attend the webinar or read over the ruling last week, and you did not attend law school, you might be scratching your head.  In order to help our client’s we have received permission from Seyfarth & Shaw LLP, a well-respected firm in this area, to provide their assessment and suggestions.

This informative guide is a great place to start.   As always, PeopleG2 highly recommends that any and all changes made to your process regarding employment be reviewed by counsel.  If you need a referral, we are happy to help.   Next, PeopleG2 will be hosting webinars to review this guidance in layman terms.  We promise to keep the legal jargon to a minimum.  These webinars will cover the basics for why this change has occurred, what you are being asked to do, and how you might accomplish it going forward.  If you would like to be alerted to the webinar dates once they are announced, please send an email to customerservice@pg2prod.wpengine.com.  You will get priority scheduling for the date that is most convenient for you.

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