Job creation can be a good and a bad thing for many companies. On one hand, job creation within a company means growth, and in an uneven economy this is something to be proud of. On the other hand, hiring can be a costly and time consuming endeavour if done improperly. It seems as easy as sending out a job description, waiting for candidates, and then hiring the most qualified, yet we all know there is so much more to the process. One of the most important things to remember while hiring is to not underestimate the complications that can, and will, arise if certain measures are not taken. Here are a few tips to keep hiring productive and cost efficient:

  • Before a company even releases a job out to the public, they have to be absolutely sure they know what qualifications they’re looking for. Many companies feel its important to add a lot of additions to a job description, such as “Bi-Lingual a plus” “Knowing Quickbooks is a plus”. From their perspective they are increasing the odds of finding a well rounded candidate, but too many of these add-on requirements will actually decrease the number of interested candidates. Many qualified individuals will be deterred from a job description if they don’t fit every detail expected, believing that someone else surely will. If you create a set of standards to intricate for anyone to have, you will never keep the interest of candidates who are very well qualified in other areas.
  • Don’t trust a candidate just by their cover letter. For most applicants, a cover letter can be the area that will capture the interest of an employer. Employers love cover letters because it gives them an edited version of an candidate that they can asses much faster than a resume, and potential employees love them because it gives them a forum for expressing their interest in a job. Unfortunately, many applicants use a cover letter as a prop to deter employers away from an indicator in their resume that could disqualify them from a position. It may be a long process to look over every candidates resume thoroughly, but it will definitely save much more time and cost than if you hire someone who cannot perform the duties.
  • Don’t set a company up to be lied to. Its unfortunate that resume fraud has become such a common practice, but there are ways to prevent it. A company that hires only on interviews and resumes without performing a background check or employment screening is setting themselves up to be lied to. Companies, like PeopleG2,will work at a fast pace to provide a vital profile to an applicant in question. This type of due diligence can help decrease the costs of hiring the wrong person, and make sure things are done right the first time.

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