In my work as a non-profit executive, one of the most common difficulties we dealt with was requiring more but having to manage operations with less. This was especially apparent in programing and staffing. Adapting to gain the most out of fewer resources while still maintaining the high standards of success isn’t dissimilar from what many companies have had to face due to recent economic troubles. While all signs indicate that we are on the path to recovery, when we look across the corporate landscape we can see that there is a lot of variability on the region and the viability of creating and maintaining new positions.  Read on to see what the latest news in the world of HR has to offer.

California Increases Hiring In February With Almost 100,000 new Jobs

California is finding new ground in economic recovery with the help of the entertainment industry. The state is experiencing an upsurge of new jobs due to California’s trademark industry in the fields of technology, movies and tourism, creating almost 100,000 new jobs just in the month of February, and reaffirming optimism in the state economy’s growth.

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U.S. Employers Are Treading Softly Before Hiring

Businesses are beginning to hire again, but at a reluctant pace. After reacting to the economic crisis with mass layoffs in 2008 and 2009, employers are prudent to begin hiring at an enthusiastic momentum until they can be sure their sales are bolstered enough to handle the changes.

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California Legislature Could Broaden Employee Rights

California Lawmakers are considering new bills that would include an increase in minimum wage and extending family leave rights, and employers are interested to see how these changes could impact business.

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While all financial advisors concur that we are on our way to economic recovery and a revitalized job market, many of the same concerns are still prevalent. Quality employment screening is vital in ensuring that due diligence is performed prior to extending a job offer. A criminal record search, for example, can mean the difference between maintaining a safe and positive work environment and allowing someone who doesn’t fit the company requirements create an uncomfortable and unprofitable surrounding for everyone involved. The only way to make sure you made the right choice in hiring a candidate is through a new employee background check.

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