Some employers are stating that the paper resume is dead.  In fact, there are certain companies that are requiring applicants to have a social media presence.

It’s true that today’s job seekers are defined by more than just their paper resume.  Those that are active in social networks show their willingness to interact, learn and contribute to a particular cause or group.  With this in mind, more human resources departments are spending time searching for candidates on the Web than looking over a paper resume.

While social media can be a good tool to learn about a candidates networking presence, it can also prove to be a tricky area to navigate.  Utilizing an employment screening that offers a social media screening is an easy way to gather information that is deemed useful in the hiring process while maintaining compliance with the FCRA and the EEOC.

It is widely recognized that social media screening can provide additional levels of risk management.  When considering options for an employment screening, if social media content is of interest in adding to the hiring decision, PeopleG2 offers a process that is compliant with the FCRA.  We provide a much more consistent, objective and defensible process that goes beyond simply utilizing HR personnel to find information about a prospective candidate.  A background check that includes social media screening is a valuable tool, particularly for those companies that are looking beyond paper resumes to learn what they can about an applicant.

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