As we look to 2012, jobs are on the mind of many.  Along with jobs comes the need for background checks.  Even though the housing market continues to show no immediate signs of recovery, other aspects of the economy are showing that things just might be making a turn for the better and that 2012 may produce more job opportunities than have been seen in the last several years.  Auto manufacturers are among those that are improving, and this is helping to boost the economy.

In Orange County, CA, there is expected to be an increase in jobs.  This increase is anticipated to stay below 2%, however, it is a movement on the road to economic recovery.  With low housing values in California, there is a hope for something to happen to boost a state that has been hard hit by the recession.  For companies that expect to hire, an employment screening needs to be a part of any hiring decision.

PeopleG2 can assist your company with making sure you are equipped with your best background check package.  If you want to add an employment verification, or conduct a civil search in addition to a criminal search, we can assist in figuring out if that is the right decision for your hiring needs and for your company.  Hiring in a time of recession recovery is a delicate practice.  Companies don’t want to make the wrong hire.  Having the correct employment screening solution is a must so that you can learn as much about an applicant as possible.  Make sure to contact PeopleG2, and let us review your background check options before you begin your next round of hiring.

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