One of the growing trends in business is to create opportunities for employees to reach their career goals.  In a recent survey, 63% of respondents said their company offered some sort of encouragement for reaching specific personal achievements.  With such a large number of companies offering this sort of encouragement and assistance, it shows that one of the keys to a successful business is developing key talent from within the organization.

One of the biggest reasons for offering internal development opportunities is to reduce turnover and retain the top talent in the organization.  Providing such opportunities leads to higher engaged employees and educated workers, and also cuts down on the costs associated with hiring.

While companies are making this a part of their corporate culture, as employees move up through the promotional ranks, it’s important to consider the necessary steps on the side of human capital management.  Often times, a background check is associated with a new hire.  Employment screening can be utilized for the purpose of bringing on someone new, but a background check can also prove to be a useful tool for promotional reasons as well. 

The personal life of employees is just that: personal.  Things can occur during the course of employment that an employer may not be aware of.  It might be something that has no impact on a promotion of continued employment, or it could have a direct correlation.  PeopleG2 provides human capital intelligence services to its clients and recognizes the importance of effective talent management and workforce optimization.

There are risks in every hiring decision or promotion decision.  PeopleG2 makes it a goal to provide clients with the assurance that they are making the best choice in hiring or promoting.  As companies work to make internal development a key part of their culture, it’s important to remember that things can happen, and a background check for employees that move up through the company hierarchy is important to continually maintain the integrity of the organization.  

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