The interview is the key component of the hiring process.  A person to person interview gives a good assessment of a candidate, and also allows one to get a good understanding of a person’s overall knowledge about the job they are being hired for.  Interviews are also good for gaining a comparison of candidates.

While you can assess both behaviors and skills when conducting interviews, it’s important to also consider the benefits that can come from a quality employment screening.  A person may step into an interview, respond to all the questions necessary or make a spot-on presentation, but having a knowledge of their background will be a useful tool for making an informed decision.  Many people are skilled at giving the answers that they know the interviewer wants to hear, but have they actually worked in a similar position?  A candidate might mention in his or her interview that he graduated from a top school with a specialization in the field you are hiring for, but has he or she presented proof of this?  An applicant might mark on their application that they have never been convicted of a crime, but what assurance do you have that this is true?

An employment screening can provide answers to all of the aforementioned questions and more.  An employment verification can help answer the question about past employment history, length of employment and even some insight into needed skill sets.  An education verification provides a definite answer to whether or not the applicant has the schooling he or she states – there is no grey area.  A criminal background check can provide a criminal history on any candidate, and if there is a criminal history that is found, it will be up to the company and their policies to determine if that criminal history is relevant to the position being hired.

While the interview process is the basic and most useful tool to get to know a candidate, an employment screening gives the hiring manager the opportunity to look into a candidate’s past, and offers vital information to what the future might look like if the decision to hire is made.

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