Recently, the Department of Commerce launched a new initiative called SelectUSA as a way to spur investment in U.S. based businesses by foreign investors.  This shows an effort by the federal government to recognize an unemployment rate that is above 9% and is intended to create more jobs to alleviate the continued frustration over lack of employment opportunities.

SelectUSA is intended to be a springboard to attract foreign investors, and will assist companies that have battled with the federal government regarding the use of foreign investors.  The underlying statement is the acknowledgement that the economy of the U.S. needs to receive a boost, and if foreign investment in U.S. businesses is a way to provide this boost, then it needs to be done.  By providing this opportunity to assist in the economic growth of companies, jobs will be created from the windfall of investment monies and renewed opportunities to reach out to foreign markets.

As companies look to grow, the need for employment screening grows as well.  A background check company like PeopleG2 can offer services that include both foreign and domestic background checks.  It is important to know who is being hired, and what he or she brings to a new position in a company.  It is also important to know the business backgrounds of potential investors.  An international screening can provide important information on both applicants and business partners and can assist companies in taking on risk in their efforts to conduct business deals with foreign entities.

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