The Challenge of Long Term Unemployment

A staggering 45.5 percent of those jobless in March stated that they had been without work for more than six months.  This is contrary to what has recently been stated about the recovery of the job market.  Whether it’s people with advanced degrees or skilled labor positions, the job market seems to show no improvement to slow improvement.  Unfortunately, even the slow improvement is not good enough to get American’s back to work.

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The Top HR Concerns…and How To Deal With Them

Keeping up to date on the latest trends in Human Resources is one of the challenges that companies, both large and small, face every year.  As laws change or as technology advances, creating a safe and healthy workplace is vital to continued success through limiting potential problems.  From retaliation to class action suits, HR managers must continually ensure the policies in place reflect the best practice for the company and employee relations.

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The Important Need for Work-Life Balance

 The culture of a company in today’s world of business is being seen as important as finishing the year with a healthy financial outlook.  In reality, the two go hand in hand.  Unfortunately, employees may get frustrated by their companies inability to provide programs, and companies may not yet realize the need to encourage a positive work-life balance.  Who then needs to take responsibility?  Employees may not be able to wait for their managers or employers to create a positive work-life balance.  It then falls to the employees to ensure that they are caring for themselves, which, in turn will create a stronger job performance and a happier work environment.

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Women In Business

Women continue to face challenges in business, in spite of so many advancements of women into leadership roles.  There are particular sectors which have been much more challenging than others for women to gain a foothold in.  The stereotypes are slowly being shed, and women are finding themselves on the higher end of leadership.

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As the jobless rate continues to be a challenge for this country, eventually we will see a turn and this rate will decrease.  As jobs are created and people head back to work, employment screening becomes a vital part of that process.  Gone are the days of simply hiring someone because there is an open spot in a business or company.  Through checks such as criminal searches, a person’s past can come to light and might define whether or not the prospective employee will be a positive addition to the team.  Fortunately, a background check can identify false information on a resume, and a thorough employment verification process can eliminate the guess work on the skills and abilities of an individual before they are extended an offer for employment.

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