The culture of a company is…or should be…on the mind of every successful CEO or strategic manager.  Culture in business is defined as “a way of thinking, behaving, or working that exists in a place or organization.”  When making hires, a company wants to make sure the people they hire fit the culture.  What happens, however, when an owner, CEO or strategic management team decides it’s time for the company culture to make a shift?

The idea of changing the company culture comes about because a company feels the need to stay relevant in its marketplace.  To stay successful in business, the ideologies and methodologies of a company must stay relevant.  Often times, the most successful companies are the ones that stay ahead of the curve and inform the rest of their industry that there needs to BE a culture shift.   Training current employees on the new business plan is one of the keys, but another key is making strategic moves in hiring the right people to help the company move in a new and relevant direction.  In an ever-changing global marketplace, these hires can be the most important ones in order to ensure continued success.

This is where things such as education and professional background come into play.  When a company conducts their employment screening, it’s important to find out as much as possible from prior employers and references about their particular knowledge and understanding about the new model that a company is working to achieve.  The last thing a company wants to do when attempting to shift the culture is hire someone that helps maintain the status quo!

What also may come through hiring a person or people to help a company achieve a new ideology is the uncomfortableness of those currently enmeshed in the old model.  Change is hard and there’s no way to dance around that fact.  When it’s time for a company to change its model and reshape its culture, those that help create that change need to be able to navigate through the uncomfortable conversations and help the company emerge on the other side.  These types of things can also be uncovered about those key hires through the employment screening and the interview process. 

Any time a hire is made, it can be a critical move for a company.  There is no greater challenge for a company than making that right hire to help push a company in a new direction.  Shifting the company culture and instilling new life into an organization is a necessary part of keeping relevant in a changing marketplace.  It all starts with making sure the right people are in place to help drive that change, and if done well, a company can find itself moving to a new level and even perhaps to levels they never thought possible. 

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