While it seems that things are looking up where hiring is concerned, there are mixed signals being provided by the federal government and their statistical data.  The positive news is that there were 244,000 jobs added in April across the United States.  Much of this growth has been driven by the private sector.  An average of 253,000 jobs have been added by private employers in the last three months, however, while this is good, there is a flipside to this news.

While these numbers are good and show a definite upswing, the unemployment news continues to be staggering.  In a recent survey, 190,000 fewer Americans were working in April than the previous month, and there was an increase in the unemployment rate to 9%, up .2% from March.  Layoffs appear to continue in spite of efforts to turn thing around.

While the two aforementioned statistics seem to be contradictory, trends do indicate that companies are loosening up on hiring, and it is expected to continue.  With the hiring increase and the number of jobless individuals, companies will undoubtedly be inundated with applications, coming both from qualified persons and persons simply willing to say anything to get a job.  The importance of employment screening should be a primary realization and a top concern for companies and businesses looking to hire the right individuals.  Whether attempting to identify a risk based on an adverse credit report, or to weed out individuals through a drug test, it is imperative for employers to know all they can about people as they enter back into the job market.    

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