One of the things that PeopleG2 does with any record that is found on a National Criminal Database is backing up that information with an actual court based search.  Unfortunately, as has been seen in the last couple of years, there are several companies that have side stepped this rule with the criminal database, sending back information found on a criminal database that has not been verified as true.

While a criminal database search is a great tool for a background check, nothing beats going directly to the court to obtain records or verify the information found on a database.  The problem is that some states to not update their database regularly.  When a reputable background check company goes to the county court to search for possible records to back up information found on a criminal database search, you know that the results that you will receive are true and accurate.

Simply utilizing criminal database information is what caused a multi-million dollar lawsuit against one large background check company.  When a company is looking to run a background check on a prospective employee, they want to be confident in the information they are receiving back on that individual so that in turn, they can make a confident hiring decision.  Companies across the United States look to CRA’s to be ethical and follow all guidelines and regulations as spelled out by the FCRA.  There is a certain amount of trust that is put in to the decision to contract with a vendor to conduct employment screenings.  PeopleG2 has continually had a reputation in the industry as one that does not cut corners, but goes the extra mile to return background checks with accurate information to its clients.  These are the intangibles that some companies just don’t have.

Up to date and accurate information is important because it can influence and sway a hiring manager in one direction or another.  Make sure results are not coming directly from a criminal database, and that all information has been backed up and verified with a county criminal search.

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