Utilizing the online portal offered by PeopleG2 is a way that most of our clients stay up with their orders and the progress of their background checks.  We are pleased to announce some updates and changes that we think you will find helpful.  These will include:

  • Final report delivery in PDF format (currently only offered in HTML)
  • Automated notification that I9 documents and Professional Licenses are near expiration
  • New report creation for employees that are being re-screened, with easy access to the original report for result comparison
  • New security features requiring regular password updates

PeopleG2 strives to provide our clients with not only the most efficient background check process in the industry, but we are always looking for ways to better help our clients manage the process through our online system.

For our customers that utilize our I9 verification service, we have developed an automated notification that will alert the customer when an I9 case contains documents that are about to expire.   Along the same line, for those clients that utilize our Professional License verification, they will also receive an automated notification when the Professional License is near expiration.  These two notification services have been created to help our clients better manage these documents as they can easily be overlooked.

Many of our clients utilize our background screening services to do re-screening of employees on a regular basis.  With our system upgrades, a new report will be created for the client rather than simply appending the searches to the original report.  The final report that is delivered to the client will display a statement regarding the original order date for the previous report.  By utilizing the online portal, our clients can click on the original order date as listed on the final report which will then take them to the original report if they want to compare the results provided.

A new security feature is being implemented for our clients.  In the past, once a username and password has been assigned to a user on our system, the password has only been changed if it is forgotten.  With this latest upgrade, users will be asked to reset their password every 90 days.  As a part of this password reset feature, users will not be allowed to utilize any of their four previous passwords.  Also should there be 6 failed log-in attempts, users will be blocked from accessing the online portal for 30 minutes.  We know this is a big change, but our goal is to maximize security of the system so that all of our clients have peace of mind that information contained on our server is completely secure.

Lastly, we realize that due to different servers and anti-virus software, it is sometimes difficult for particular clients to view results that are sent in HTML format.  We now have the ability to offer final reports to our clients as a PDF file attachment.  This will also help in being able to save it in PDF format to your computer for later viewing.

We hope that these updates are helpful to all of our clients.  If you have questions, or need help with our online system, please contact our Customer Service Department at 800-630-2880 or email us at customerservice@pg2prod.wpengine.com.

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