It’s always crucial for every company to find the right person to fill a position.  Great companies are built around great employees.   To get the great employees, however, it takes a combination of interviews and other tools, such as an employment screening.

While all companies will benefit from the use of an employment screening, small businesses are those that need to make sure they are screening applicants to help make the right hire.  Whereas seventy five percent of larger companies are making the correct hire the first time out, smaller businesses do not necessarily have the same type of hiring protocols in place.  Due to this, only one out of ten applicants will turn out to be a great hire. 

When considering whether or not to conduct a background check, there’s one important thing that needs to be remembered.  Your employees are the face of your business.  Nothing goes smoothly all the time.  An employment screening will present a picture of the person you are looking at hiring.  You can learn about any criminal history, past employment issues or anything else that might raise a red flag when considering an applicant for a position.  An employment screening can provide you the opportunity to contact references and conduct reference verifications, which will provide you with a personal and professional view of the applicant.  You want to hire the best.  A background check can help any hiring manager or business owner identify the best suited candidate.

Most importantly, you want to make sure that the hire you make will fit into that “great employee” mold.  When you put more time into the front end of the hiring process, the better off you will be when it comes time to have them start work and become a productive part of your company.  An employment screening can give you much less grief by offering you the information you need to know to hire someone that will help keep the company moving forward.

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