Over this past Memorial Day weekend, I was discussing the matter of background checks on new hires with a couple of people from two different places of business.  One of the places of business did not conduct background checks, and was just getting around to considering putting this process into place.  The other company utilizes one of the larger employment screening firms, and the process upon being hired was less than satisfactory due to the lack of attention to detail by the background check company.

The practice of conducting employment screenings is not in place in every company.  While the position mentioned above does not directly deal with children, there is still the opportunity to have some interaction.  It is surprising that there are still companies out there that have not incorporated a background check into their hiring process.  Whether it is because of the presence of children, or just to ensure that the applicant will be a quality fit for the company, an employment screening can provide much needed answers to who it is you are hiring and how they will interact with the already established employees.

The comments about the larger background check company are ones that are heard time and again.  It’s the “little fish in the big pond” scenario.  Unless you are a large company with a large volume, there is a chance your company might get lost.  For PeopleG2, we take client interaction seriously and make customer service one of our top priorities.  This, coupled with accurate results and our “No Stone Left Unturned” promise, continues to make PeopleG2 competitive in the industry while making each one of our clients feel like they are the most important.  Whether a large, national corporation or a small “mom and pop” business, PeopleG2 has a level playing field with it comes to the importance of providing quality results coupled with top of the line customer service.  We know that people don’t want to feel lost, and so we make it a part of our mission to ensure our clients are taken care of.

Employment screenings are an important hiring tool for any company and should not be overlooked.  Just as important as the employment screening itself is the company that is providing the service.  While the large national companies are enticing because of what they might promise, going with a company that handles both large and small clients, offers competitive pricing, a better product, and provides accurate results the first time is much more important that getting the “good deal.”  Every company should make sure it is receiving what it needs from its employment screenings.  If a company has not started utilizing this important hiring tool, take a minute to consider the long term savings that conducting background checks can offer by helping to avoid hiring people that should not have been hired for a position in the first place. 

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