The strategic role that human resource executives play in their companies continues to evolve and grow.  Talent development and the effective use of human capital are a large part of that strategic plan, but there is so much more in the ways HR executives can and should be utilized.

On May 20th, PeopleG2 is presenting the OC HR Summit. This is a one day seminar designed to provide HR leaders with some thought provoking tools that they can utilize in their daily role. Our goal is to have people leave the Summit feeling like they are better equipped to handle difficult situations, drive performance and make an impact on the culture of the company. We have arranged for five great speakers to share their thoughts on different topics, and there will be intentional opportunities provided for networking as we go throughout the day, concluding with a networking cocktail hour.

The speakers for the day include:

  • Dr. Mark Goulston, Founder of The Goulston Group, speaking on the subject of how to get through to anyone and how to have those difficult conversations when they need to happen;
  • Kim Shepherd, CEO of Decision Toolbox, speaking on how to become a performance driven workforce;
  • Chris Dyer, CEO of PeopleG2, speaking about the role of HR in changing/influencing culture and how to get top management on board with the changes;
  • Tenny Poole, Founder of Positive Talent Strategies, speaking on the impact of positivity and how it impacts business and culture;
  • Brenda Williams, CEO of Your Coaching Solution, speaking about how to understand the generation gap in the workplace and how to manage teams of diverse ages.

There are only 13 spots available, so if you are in the Southern California area and want to spend a day making connections with other HR professionals and gaining some useable knowledge that can be brought back to your workplace, sign up as soon as possible. You can find the event page here or go directly to purchase your tickets at Eventbrite.

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