PeopleG2 is pleased to announce the creation of a mobile website which will provide easy website access from any mobile device. This mobile website will allow visitors the opportunity to locate PeopleG2 and learn about the company in a fast and efficient mobile format, rather than having to wait for the full website to load onto their device. The mobile version offers all the same information as the main website in an easy to navigate format.

PeopleG2 recognizes that time is valuable for the HR personnel that utilize their services. Users of the employment screening solutions offered by PeopleG2 will have the ability to access their accounts, view results and track employment screenings that are in progress. The site, peopleg2.com, was created with the client in mind, recognizing that decision makers need the flexibility of accessing vital background check results from their mobile device in a quick and efficient manner if they are unable to be at a computer. PeopleG2 continues to create innovative ways to help their clients manage the background check portion of the hiring process.

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