PeopleG2, an industry leader in Human Capital Due Diligence, announces a new online system for Drug Testing.  This system provides their clients solid enhancements to the drug testing process, while utilizing a paperless, online solution that eliminates paper Chain of Custody forms. 

Beginning in 2013, the goal of PeopleG2 was to provide its clients with a much easier way to handle the drug testing process.  By creating this online solution, PeopleG2 provides a “one stop” process where a company can order a background check and drug test at one time from one site.  Other enhancements include an integrated Drug Testing solution; decreased turn-around times; a specialized MRO Team with a vast degree of industry knowledge and expertise; and an in house compliance support for their clients, providing program design, policy creation and consultation for both regulated and non-regulated programs.

When considering options for drug testing as a part of an employment screening, it’s important to choose PeopleG2.  Not only are we known industry wide for our timely results and outstanding customer service, but we now offer an easy and efficient option for drug testing.  Employment screening shouldn’t be something that brings a headache and confusion to a hiring manager or human resource department.  A background check process should be something that is quick, efficient and informative.  When thinking about a company to handle all your companies employment screening needs, make sure PeopleG2 is at the top of your list.  

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