In a day in age when companies are looking for ways to move away from a traditional resume and traditional hiring decision, there is discussion about the possibility of a “social only” Applicant Tracking System (ATS).  Many employers are interested in learning about an applicant’s social media presence, and so the thought of utilizing an ATS that utilizes social networking profiles as a part of the initial application process seems appealing.

While having this access to social media profiles is indeed helpful, the need to be compliant with the FCRA or EEOC standards of hiring could be called in to question.  Many employers have found themselves involved in litigation due to requesting social media profile links and/or passwords to their applicant’s social media sites.

In lieu of either a “social only” ATS or requesting links to social media sites from applicants, PeopleG2 offers a fully FCRA compliant Social Media Screening.  As a part of a traditional background check, social media screening can provide an employer with all the needed information about an applicant’s social presence on the web in a fully legal and compliant way.  Our well-developed methodology encompasses all forms of user-generated content.  We also ensure that any sensitive information or content that should not be a part of a hiring decision is redacted before presenting a “discovery profile” to a client. 

When considering options with social media screening, it is always best to utilize something that is completely compliant reporting and hiring laws.  While a “social only” ATS is an appealing and easy approach to learning about an applicant, at the end of the day avoiding litigation and being compliant in all hiring practices is what every company should be concerned about.  

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