PeopleG2 has upgraded its integration with E verify and the I-9 Certification process.  These include the Three Day Rule Exception, Photo Matching and Document Management.

It is mandated by E Verify that information is reported for I-9 Certification no later than the third business day after the employees start date.  In the event information is reported after the third day, The Three Day Rule Exception is provided so that you are still able to move forward with the I-9 Certification.  The acceptable reasons are as follows: Awaiting a social security number (for persons new to the country); technical problems; an audit revealed that a new hire was not run; a federal contractor with the FAR E-verify Clause that needs to verify an existing employee; and other reasons as deemed acceptable by E-Verify that do not fit any of the primary reasons.  Clients of PeopleG2 can now utilize the Three Day Rule Exception directly through the client module.

Photo matching is utilized for I-9 Certification if an employee has presented with his or her Form I-9 a: I-551 (Permanent Resident Card); Form I-776 (Employment Authorization Document); or a U.S. passport or passport card.  This new photo matching integration will alert our clients that photo identification confirmation is needed.  You will be able to view the photo that has been provided by E verify, and be able to submit whether the image does or does not match all via our client module.

The Document Management portion of the client module will now provide letters directly to clients.  If a letter needs to be delivered to the applicant/employee, it will be automatically generated and stored with the I-9 Certification search, and our clients will be notified via email that the letter is ready for them to view.  Clients can then login to our PeopleG2 system to retrieve the document from the search.  All letters have been upgraded to their most recent versions per E verify.

All employers, by law, must complete form I-9 for all new hires.  In 1997, E verify was created to assist companies in verifying whether or not an applicant was legally able to work in the United States based on information gathered via form I-9.  While participation in E verify varies from state to state, this type of I-9 Certification is utilized by thousands of companies across the United States.

PeopleG2 is proud to be able to offer our clients this integration with E verify, and we know this will make the I-9 Certification process a more efficient one.  Please contact PeopleG2 with any questions regarding this integration at 800-630-2880.

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