Employee Background Checks

Employee background checks are a non-negotiable part of the hiring process. But if you’re expanding your team in the age of COVID-19, the screening process presents a new challenge. You don’t want to put the applicant, your team, or yourself at risk by bringing early-stage candidates into the office. But you can’t seriously consider a candidate until you’ve seen their record. And you can’t see their record until they’ve filled out and submitted their background screening paperwork.

You see the problem.

This is where SwiftHire Mobile Employee Background Checks come in. Our remote screening system allows you to handle the entire background check process without any in-person contact.

This is not new software, hastily thrown together to address a changing landscape. We originally designed SwiftHire to improve compliance, simplify screening, and accelerate the hiring process. Now we’re able to provide businesses with a time-tested, fully optimized remote hiring tool when they need it most.

Here’s how it works.


Mobile Employee Background Checks

When you order an employee background check, SwiftHire sends a notification to the applicant, prompting them to initiate the process.

The candidate confirms their place of residence, and our AI-based software generates relevant compliance questions. Your prospective hire completes all forms and signs off on pre-employment screening right from their mobile device.

There is no need for the applicant to come into the office. You don’t have to swap forms or even put pen to paper. Everything is handled electronically . . . including updates on the status of the background check.


A Paper-Free Screening Process

SwiftHire employee background checks take paperwork out of the equation entirely. There’s no printing, no scanning, no emailing . . . in short, there’s no chaos.

The absence of paperwork has always been a relief to both HR departments and candidates. It’s a cleaner, simpler process for HR managers. And candidates are empowered to take the next steps immediately. They don’t have to wait until they can access a printer or scanner.

Now, in the age of social distancing, this paper-free process keeps all parties safe by eliminating the need for equipment. HR personnel can either handle their responsibilities from home or avoid shared equipment in the workplace. Candidates who may not have the proper equipment don’t have to visit a public print center.

HireSwift keeps employee background checks remote and contact-free.


Compliant Employee Background Checks

Mobile screening may promote physical safety. What about legal issues?

SwiftHire takes care of FCRA compliance, too. Our software uses artificial intelligence to determine the state, county, and city in which your prospective hire resides. With this information, SwiftHire generates the necessary forms to ensure compliance.

You don’t have to bombard applicants with extraneous paperwork just to make sure you have all your bases covered. And you can rest easy knowing each and every employment background check meets the requirements of the candidates’ place of residence.


A Better Candidate Experience

In most cases, the hiring process is a candidate’s first experience with the organization, procedures, and culture that define your company. The way you handle employee background checks tells top candidates a lot about how you value their time.

We developed our mobile screening technology to provide the best possible candidate experience.

Even the most motivated candidates could be held back by the process of printing, signing, and scanning forms. We recognized the stress applicants feel when they’re eager to move a process forward but have to delay the next steps because they’re at their current job. We were familiar with the frustration of having to answer the same questions on multiple forms just to ensure compliance.

SwiftHire eliminates every single one of these burdens.

The software also uses automation technology to update candidates so they never feel left in the dark. They receive confirmation that their background check information has been submitted. SwiftHire alerts them when a report has been generated.

Applicants even have automatic access to their reports. This enables them to review the results and contact PeopleG2 directly if they see an inaccuracy. Your prospective hires feel in control of their own trajectory, and you don’t get bogged down with follow-up calls.

Now, in this new climate, SwiftHire offers another essential element to the candidate experience: safety.

At a time when job searchers have to be especially selective about when and how they enter public spaces, mobile screening relieves the burden of weighing options. It tells quality candidates that you care about their wellbeing and are equipped to adapt in an evolving world.

And of course, this technology protects you and your team, whether you’re working remotely or are back in the office.

However you’re navigating this new normal, we at PeopleG2 are here to help. From mobile screening services to protective products for the workplace, we want to help you grow your business and stay safe. If you’d like to learn more about SwiftHire or any other screening solutions, you can contact us here.

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