One of the concerns that job-seekers have is what information is presented on his or her background check.  There can often be errors on credit reports, or a positive criminal match that was uncovered during an employment screening that can lead to adverse action being taken against a candidate even if the information discovered is not connected to them in any way.  A quality background check company will accurately report information and ensure that what the employer receives is true and correct information.  Unfortunately, there are those background check companies that do not have procedures in place to rule out false information coming from an employment screening.

There are two ways that an applicant can verify what is on his or her background check.  The first would be to ask the potential hiring company for a copy of the information.  By law, if an applicant requests this document, a hiring company must provide this information.

The second is to conduct a personal background check.  There are many companies, including PeopleG2, that offer this service.  Unfortunately, things such as DMV records or credit history cannot be attained via a personal background check, but information that comes from such things as criminal searches or civil searches will appear on this check.  A personal DMV record can be obtained directly by the person inquiring from the DMV, and a credit history can be received from one of the credit bureaus.  These can be ordered once a year at no cost to the consumer.

Once the background check is received, whether from the company or from the personal background check, the applicant should look for any mistakes that might appear and work to get them changed.  It is imperative that an applicant contact the prospective employer if any mistakes are found.  The employer must then work with an applicant to make sure these things are fixed through the background check company.

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