When it comes to small businesses, there is often the assumption that when difficult economic times hit, these types of companies are the first to fall.  For those that have made it through this most recent downturn, they are beginning to not only see the light at the end of the tunnel, but are emerging from that tunnel stronger and more confident.  In 2011, small businesses have doubled their hiring from 2010, and are hopeful that business conditions are continuing to improve.  For companies with fewer than 500 employees, there has been an average of 188,000 new jobs per month.  This is incredible when compared to last year, when there was an average of just 68,500 jobs per month nationwide.

Dispelling yet another myth about small businesses faced with a difficult economy is the fact that the bulk of job creation will happen in these small business with fewer than 500 employees, rather than in large corporations.  Businesses with 500 or more employees are averaging only 11,300 jobs per month.  This comes after a year in which 3,400 jobs were lost per month.  Signs are improving for all, but the most impressive change comes from small businesses.

As is expected, many small business owners are not feeling completely confident in the current situation.  Several companies that have fewer than 100 employees have no plans to hire in the next six months, and continue to be in wait and see mode.  As consumer spending has increased and the stock market has gained strength, however, those that feel the worst is over are hiring to meet the increased demand of their products and services.  All is not perfect yet…but the signs are pointing to a good recovery as we move through 2011.

As companies do begin to hire, whether large or small, the importance of employee background checks come into play.  Knowing an applicants employment history, and verifying this information via an employment verification can mean the difference between hiring someone that truly brings the skills needed vs. someone that is just looking to get a job without carrying the knowledge that is needed to be successful.  There is a wide pool of candidates as people get back to work, a pool that is filled with job seekers that are presenting honest and forthright information, and those that will do anything to get a job such as lie on a resume or present false information.  Criminal searches and other pre-employment screening options help to weed out the hustlers, and provide companies with peace of mind as they put the pieces of the puzzle back together after such a difficult economic period.  

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