One of the key pieces of any good hire is a pre-employment background check.  Yes, there is the resume that will show the employer where an applicant has been and what he or she has done.  There is also the personal interview, which can certainly give a hiring manager or interview team a glimpse of the knowledge one brings to the position as well as provide key insights into what type of person is applying for the position.

A pre-employment screening can offer important information that can prove vital to the success of a hiring decision.  The information gathered from this background check can provide verification of employment and education that is presented on a resume.  It can offer the opportunity to get reference verifications, both personal and professional, that can offer a more personal understanding of the applicant from different points of view.

There is also the criminal piece of the pre-employment screening.  This is something that has come under scrutiny by the EEOC, but is still an effective tool if used appropriately for hiring purposes.  A criminal background check will provide the employer with a seven year criminal history (per FCRA guidelines), and can allow an employer to know if there is any sort of criminal past that either verifies what an applicant has disclosed or reveals something that was not disclosed.  It is important to utilize this information appropriately by following the EEOC Guidance, which, in short, states that the information must be evaluated to see if it directly impacts the position that is being hired. 

A pre-employment background check is one tool that can be used in the hiring process, but it is an important one to have at your disposal.  While the in person interview and paper resume can provide vital information about a candidate, learning about an applicant through the eyes of others, from personal references to court records, can prove that the person you are looking to hire is either right or wrong for the position or for your company in general.  It’s important that every company takes the necessary steps and performs a pre-employment screening on every applicant that comes seeking employment.

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