In addition to employment screening, many companies are now utilizing pre-hire assessments to screen out applicants that just don’t fit.  One of the concerns brought about by utilizing these types of assessment tools is that it could significantly reduce the applicant pool, as applicants may be apprehensive about taking an assessment.  The reality is that candidates don’t mind it as much as some might think, and are interested in avoiding a bad job just as much as a company is interested in avoiding a bad hire.

A criminal background check can identify issues in a person’s past.  A pre-employment assessment can judge just how well a prospective employee will fit not only within the job profile, but also within the company culture.  Companies don’t want someone that will disrupt an already effective operation.  Hiring managers and decision makers want to know that the people they hire will be an asset to their team.

From the candidate’s perspective, they want to know that they have a place with the company they are looking to gain a position with.  With an education verification, an applicant will let the company know they completed the appropriate degree to provide them with the knowledge.  Through the pre-hire assessments, an applicant will let the company know whether or not they want to work for them, either by their ability to “pass” the assessment, or through their realization that the company really isn’t them. 

A quality background check and a pre-hire assessment can work together to help decision makers make the right choice.  The importance is to make sure all bases are covered, so that hiring is done right the first time.

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