The job growth forecast for October was approximately 101,000 new jobs.  This number was exceeded by almost 8% as U.S. employers added 110,000 jobs.  Along with this job growth, there was also a drastic drop in the number of jobs cut from September, an amount that equaled almost 65%.  These two things combined are a very positive sign for the economy, but it also means a greater need for background checks.  With so many new jobs opening and multiple applicants per job seeking employment, employers need to be sure the people they are looking to hire are the best ones available.  This can be discovered, in part, through a professional employment screening provided by PeopleG2.

The expectation is that this growth should move into 2012.  As companies begin hiring, it is important to evaluate all aspects of that hiring process, including the background check package currently being utilized.  The questions to ask are simple.  Are you getting what you need from the information being provided?  Has it become important to run an education verification, whereas in the past more emphasis was placed on experience?  Does your company need to do more than a national criminal database search, such as a county criminal search, to ensure the most accurate results?  Is it important for your company to identify federal level crimes due to particular positions being hired for?  These and many more questions need to be asked when considering whether or not your employment screening process is up to the standards the company now has for itself and its employees.

With greater job growth comes new challenges of hiring.  PeopleG2 is here to assist you in your background check needs.  Make sure your company is hiring the perfect employees by getting the results you need from your background checksEmployment screening solutions are different for every company, and PeopleG2 can help to ensure peace of mind. 

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