No business owner wants to be taken advantage of by the employees that he trusts and it’s important to protect your business.  When you allow someone to be a part of your business, you want to believe that they will protect your interests on top of their own.  By making the effort to a hire a new employee, you are showing them that you are confident in their abilities and that you are relying on them to uphold the work ethic that you’ve established.

In order to truly have one hundred percent confidence in your employees, it’s important to take every precaution and utilize pre-employment screening.  The Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s experience with a workers’ compensation scandal in 2007 is an excellent example of what can happen when you choose not to screen your potential employees.

One of the MTA’s employees, a New York City transit bus driver, received over $13,000 in workers’ compensation after claiming to have had sustained a shoulder injury on the job.  She refrained from working for a period of five months, citing the injury as her reason.  Contrary to the knowledge of the MTA, she was acting as the drummer of a rock band in Europe during this time rather than recovering from an injury.  Once she was caught by an MTA investigator, she was indicted by a Brooklyn Grand Jury.

Without a doubt, this mishap could have been prevented if the MTA had looked into proper employment screening before hiring their employees.  With the far reach of pre-employment screenings today, employers can cover all the bases regarding the potential risks of hiring new employees.  These employment screenings go beyond the straightforward criminal record search to verify professional licenses, degrees, and even check references.  Not only does this provide you with a complete record of any past offenses, it also allows to hear firsthand testimony from previous employers.  Taking advantage of pre-employment screening is the best way to make sure that you know exactly who you’re hiring.

Don’t let what happened to MTA happen to you − use pre-employment screening to hire employees you can trust.

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