reasons to background check

You just never can tell…which is why you should always consider a pre-employment background check.

Back in June, a San Juan Capistrano resident was arrested and plead guilty to embezzling $1.5 million from her clients. The money was used to support her personal expenses including a rental home in Laguna Beach, vacations and cosmetic surgeries.

Obviously, if the subject had never been convicted of this type of crime, it will not show up on a pre-employment screening, but it does pay to be cautious. Many organizations choose not to conduct background checks for one reason or another, mostly because of the cost or due to a particular trust level they have in an individual. When it comes down to it…I would think most companies would want to spend the money for a background check vs. losing $1.5 million dollars. There are many reasons to perform an Background Check.

This persons story is a case in point. She created a phony business, false personas as investors and representatives of companies…all the fraudulent things one can think of.

Back when she was hired, her background check would have been clear. Looking five years down the road, assuming she is paroled and looking for work, if an organization does not run a background check on this person because of her experience or honest answers or the cost, they will never know that they could be in for a world of trouble by hiring her. If there ever was a case in point…this situation sums it up.

It may not seem at the time of hire that a background check is warranted, but there are many reasons to perform an Background Check. All of the victims were entrepreneurial women who ran small businesses and this might be precisely the type of target someone looking to embezzle might go after.

The bottom line…it pays to be diligent, and it could end up saving an organization hundreds of thousands of dollars down the road if they pay a few dollars up front to avoid a massive issue such as this.

You just never can tell…

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