HR risk management is something that every company needs to make a priority.  For those that do, it is always approached as a defensive strategy, ensuring that the company is covered on all of its compliance related issues.  The focus within this defensive approach is ensuring that legal and operational issues are avoided.  When these issues do arise, it can mean penalties and fines against the company.

Chris Dyer and Steve Goldberg have co-authored a recently published article titled, “Reassessing HR Risk Management.”  Chris is a recognized innovator and thought leader in the human capital intelligence and risk management field.  He is founder and CEO of PeopleG2 (formerly Liberty Alliance), a firm based in Anaheim Hills, Calif., delivering a broad range of human capital due diligence solutions to HR departments, leadership teams and others involved in corporate restructuring and M&As. Chris holds a BA in Criminal Justice from California State University-Fullerton.  Steve is a principal advisor to PeopleG2 and considered a top-tier HR/HR technology thought leader. Earlier in his 30-year career, Steve served as vice president of HR systems for investment banks in the U.S. and Europe and as vice president of HR-M&A at Republic Industries. He also served as global head of HCM product strategy at PeopleSoft. In recent years, he’s been a trusted advisor to both HR solutions companies and end-customers.  Steve holds an MBA in HR from SUNY Buffalo.

The article includes a 10-level ‘value model’ with examples ranging from value-add background checking, to more strategic applications of human capital due diligence, to HR technology considerations and leadership risk management.  Please take the time to read the article, and see how it can help your company reassess how HR risk management is handled.

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