In today’s job market, recruiters are tasked with not only identifying talent but also the perfect fit for a company in a time where resumes saturate every company’s job advertisement.  As difficult as this may be, recruiters must help company’s develop a very direct idea of the person they want, and then meet the task with finding that specific candidate.

One of the biggest issues at hand is for a recruiter to find talent that can be retained.  The task of searching and re-searching for talent because of turnover can be quite costly for any company.  The last thing a business, whether large or small, wants to do is spend an excess amount of money on recruiting when it could have been done right the first time.

An employment screening is effective in identifying the attributes a company is looking for.  While a recruiter may screen applicants before sending them on, the piece of the hiring process that is vital to complete is the background check.  Far too many companies take the advice of the recruiter, run a candidate through an interview process and make a hire before any consideration is given to what is in the employees past.  Things such as a credit report or criminal searches can provide a lot of information as to the type of person a company is getting ready to hire.  While recruiters have the task of finding talent, a background check provides the necessary information for the best scenario of employee retention.

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