Social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter have become a useable tool by people looking to network and market their skills to recruiters and potential employers.  Jobs are now posted within networking groups, and this is a tool used by many to find employment.  A new avenue for recruiting is the use of online gaming as a marketing and recruiting tool.

Marriott International Inc. is in the process of developing a game that will be utilized by people via Facebook.  The hope is that this game, unlike other simulation games utilized by millions on Facebook, will provide a tool for recruiters to target potential employees for the Marriott hotel chains.  With the potential of 50,000 new hotel positions this year alone, Marriott hopes this recruiting tool provides another avenue for finding people that are a right fit for the industry and for their company.

Finding the recruits is of course the first task.  Narrowing the field is an entirely different process, and one of the things that can help weed out the undesirables is a quality background check.  The process of employment screening is designed to take potential recruits and provide companies a look into a person’s past so that an informed decision can be made.  Taking an applicant from an online expert into the real world of business and operations  is something that is left up to the experts in the field in which the hiring is taking place.  A background check is a piece of the puzzle, but an important piece that needs to be done right as yet another part of the recruiting process.

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