When it comes to employment screening, reference verifications can take a lot of time and effort.  Whether you conduct reference verifications yourself, or outsource them to a background check company like PeopleG2, there is time and effort put into ensuring the reference verification is not only completed, but that it is a worthwhile source of information for the hiring process.  A reference verification, when conducted correctly, can also save time and money down the road when you don’t have re-hire for a position because the time wasn’t taken to fully examine an applicant.

In a time when the falsifying of resumes is at an all time high as people scramble for jobs, an employment screening that includes a reference verification is an important part of any background check solution.  A reference verification can provide insights to items not qualified on a resume, and can provide a more personal look at an applicant.  The responses from a personal or professional reference can provide a good predictor of future performance.  There are also social media outlets that can provide a reference point to verify employment history, etc. 

The key to reference verifications is to make sure the questions are constructed to clarify any potential areas of concern.  PeopleG2 provides a standard set of questions for its clients, however, companies are welcome to create their own questions that fit their company and their employment screening needs.  During a time of recession, when companies want to hire but may not have the resources to re-hire due to a hiring mistake, it makes sense to add a reference verification to your employment screening package.  

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