If you need a sign that the economy is making improvements, take a look at the job boards.  The strategic map for many HR professionals has been riddled with ways to achieve more with less over the past several years.  The task before them has been to decide how to maintain a functional yet creative staff rather than who can be hired to add to an already creative mix of employees.

As can be seen from the job boards, job listings are on the rise, which is good news for decision makers, particularly in six major industries.  From health care and retail, to IT, financial services, transportation and accounting, there are signs of significant opportunities.  Obviously, as executives in other industries look at the increase in prospective jobs in these areas, there is a glimmer of hope that the economy will continue to turn and hiring can return to pre-recession levels.

Employment screening is a necessity when a company hires new personnel, however it becomes even more imperative when there are large volumes of people to be hired.  In the case of healthcare professionals, a professional license verification is necessary to make sure a person carries the necessary credentials to carry out the tasks of a job.  For companies looking to hire IT professionals, there may be a desire to ensure their school or training is up to the level they indicate on a resume.  By conducting an education verification, this information can be verified and give a company peace of mind in their decision.

There are many factors that go into hiring personnel.  Recruiters and hiring managers have the criteria laid out and want to ensure the best hire is made for the company they represent.  A background check is one piece of the puzzle, but an integral part of making an informed decision.

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