With seasonal hiring expected to rise above the 2010 levels, employment screening becomes an important part of that process.  Companies such as J.C. Penney, Target and Kohl’s are anticipating increased numbers of seasonal hires due in large part to an anticipated rise in holiday sales.  Retail stores are preparing to meet the increased demand by providing more jobs, which is obviously good news for those struggling to find employment.

For these companies and others that are looking at hiring seasonal help, an employment screening is an important item to have completed on each new employee.  Increased seasonal hiring is a chance that companies are taking based on sales projections, so in order to ensure the best quality people, a background check is an effective tool to gain knowledge of who it is that is being hired.

In addition to this positive sign for seasonal employment, this past September saw the most job openings posted in the last three years.  The downside is that an average of 4.2 unemployed workers are competing for every job.  With so many people looking for work and pursuing the same position, it is imperative that companies, both small and large, utilize an employment screening company to provide them with quality background check results.

PeopleG2 is a leader in employment screening solutions, and can provide your company with whatever employment screening options you feel are necessary to make a confident hire.  Most results can be returned to our clients within 24-72 hours, well ahead of our competition.  Whether you are hiring seasonal or permanent employees, make sure you utilize employment screenings to ensure you know who it is you are hiring.  

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