background checks on seasonal employees

Should You Do Background Checks on Seasonal Employees?

background checks on seasonal employees
During the holiday season and often over the summer months, it’s a common practice to hire short-term employees to help out with higher workloads. This means you have to hire fast. Whether background checks for seasonal employees are necessary is up for debate. It’s no secret that even an efficient background check takes extra time. Hiring seasonal employees means speeding up many processes, but does that mean you should forgo the background check? While it can be tempting to cut corners, background screenings of temporary workers are beneficial in the long term.

Why Skip Background Checks?

Why do some employers skip background checks on seasonal employees? It basically comes down to time and money. Most seasonal employees are only going to work a few months. Normal screening processes, like criminal background checks and drug tests, can stretch out the hiring process. Many employers would prefer to get temporary employees working as soon as possible, and without spending too much extra revenue. It’s definitely tempting to forgo the background check, especially if you’re making multiple hires in a short period of time. When employees will only be with your company briefly, many employers assume they cannot do much damage, even if their work history has a few red flags. However, be wary about abandoning background checks for seasonal employees. An unreliable or dishonest employee can do a lot of damage to your revenue and your reputation, even if they’re only there a few weeks.

Background Checks Always Matter

Backgrounds checks are always an upfront cost, and they’ll always add a bit of extra time to the hiring process. However, the benefits usually outweigh the drawbacks. Even thorough hiring managers can overlook red flags, especially in a faster interview process. During your busiest seasons, this can have disastrous effects. First, some seasonal employees are simply looking to supplement their income, especially if you’re hiring around the holidays. However, there are also many seasonal employees with a spotty work history. This isn’t always bad news – there are plenty of legitimate reasons some people have gaps in their work history. However, this could be a sign they’re unreliable. If you have a worker fail to show up to shifts or quit without notice, it could cause a lot of problems on the floor when you need as much help as possible. Second, there’s always a chance of employee theft, with any type of hiring. During busy times of the year, this sort of behavior may be easier to get away with. An employee skimming some money from the register, for example, may go unnoticed. This can add up over time, translating to substantial revenue loss – especially if you’re a smaller company. Plus, even low level employees have access to a lot of inside information, which could make your company vulnerable for security breaches. The reasons for background checks for seasonal employees aren’t all bad, however. Many times, employers end up hiring quality seasonal workers for the long haul. If you’ve already conducted a routine background check, that’s one less thing to worry about when you bring a seasonal employee on full-time.

How do I Speed Up Background Checks On Seasonal Employees?

You’ve probably gathered by now background checks for seasonal employees are important. However, how do you speed up the process? There are plenty of tricks to make background checks go faster. Online processes tend to go faster than a lot of paperwork, for one, so keep things digital if possible. Submit any materials early in the day, as most background check companies process requests in the order they’re received. Make sure you double check that you submit all required material as well. Errors will only make things take longer. If you’re looking for an efficient background check system, SwiftHire Mobile Background Check is a completely remote mobile tool that allows applicants to enter information themselves into a system built into your ordering module. This saves time and improves efficiency, leading to faster hires.

The Bottom Line

If you’re really pressed for time, skipping a background check can of course speed up the hiring process, but not by much. Not only this, cutting corners can lead to headaches down the road, and potentially more nefarious issues like revenue loss and security breaches. Even with short term employees, you should always conduct a background check. The benefits absolutely outweigh the extra time and cost. Hiring quality employees is always important, especially when you’re going to be busy and need reliable hands on deck. PeopleG2 has been in the business of background checks for years. Our background checks are fast and efficient without sacrificing quality. If you’re looking for a background check solution for a hiring surge, reach out here and we’ll be in touch shortly.

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