For many small business owners, there is a certain amount of security in being able to control the hiring and employee environment a little better than a large corporation can.  Often times, small business owners will hire based on either personal knowledge of an applicant, or simply based on their own examination of an applicant’s qualifications.  Many small business owners view employment screening as a cost prohibitive practice, and simply don’t feel it’s necessary to put the money forth when there is closer personal oversight of the employee base.

Unfortunately, this can lead to problems if the wrong candidate is chosen without a thorough background check.  With small business borrowing at its highest level this last June, there is promise in a revitalized market for small businesses.  When this type of borrowing occurs, it is a signal of new business growth which can translate into hiring.  Currently, small businesses account for 80% of new hiring overall.

For businesses looking to hire, whether large or small, consideration needs to be given to employment screening.  Small businesses can find pricing for these services to fit their budgets through PeopleG2, and the overall return on this investment can be significant over time.  Understanding a person’s background can make the difference in the overall success of a company and can save money in the short term by not having to re-hire  a position.

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