When it comes to Social Media Background Checks, there is always one important caveat provided by lawyers:  it’s not worth the risk but if you do them, proceed with extreme caution!   Many employers, unfortunately, do not heed this warning when venturing into an employment screening process that includes vetting potential employees using social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter.  When this is done without an understanding of what makes a search such as this compliant with FCRA regulations, companies are at risk of violating anti-discrimination laws.

Employers often want to look at an applicant’s social media footprint because social media can tell a lot of about a person, their habits and their lifestyle.  A social media search can definitely round out an employment verification, and provide a company a real life look into the type of candidate they are considering hiring. 

PeopleG2 offers a social media screening package that is fully FCRA compliant, and helps companies avoid the pitfalls of completing this type of background check by themselves.  The protected class information is what can get a company into trouble if they are not careful, and a candidate is turned down for employment.  An FCRA compliant Social Media Search removes any protected class information, and provides only positive and negative information found on internet in conjunction with the subject.  This type of social media search provides the hiring manager with a complete employment screening product, while maintaining the integrity of the company by not allowing protected class information to fall into their hiring decision.

A social media search makes sense, and can be a very useful tool.  Rather than proceed with extreme caution by doing it yourself, include an FCRA compliant search in the background check package.  Hiring managers will get the information they need while maintaining a legal approach to gathering information when they allow an employment screening company like PeopleG2 to handle all their social media searches.

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