Social media policies have come under intense scrutiny over the last several months.  This is due mostly to the fact that companies have been found creating their own rules regarding social media, and many of these policies violate the rights of employees and prospective employees.

The NLRB General Counsel provided additional guidance for employers to review regarding social media policies.  Several corporate media policies have been found to violate the NLRA and this new guidance is aimed at preventing further unlawful policies from being utilized.  For specific information regarding the additional guidance on social media policies, please click here.

For companies that have created social media policies, both for employees and prospective employees, a professional social media screening package is offered by PeopleG2 to insure that companies are in compliance with the guidance provided by the EEOC and the NLRB, as well as the FCRA.   Utilizing a third party company like PeopleG2 for social media screening takes the guess work out of what is right or wrong when it comes to looking into an applicant’s social media presence.   

It is important that every company continually update and review their employment guidelines and employment screening policies.  With regards to your companies social media policy, it is important that you review the guidance provided by the NLRB which can be found above, and then review your policies with counsel to ensure you leave no room for possible litigation.

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