When hiring a candidate, the last thing you want are mistakes made in the interview or overall hiring process.  When sitting down with a candidate, you hope that the questions that are being asked are questions that will provide good insight and not just surface knowledge.  Finding a suitable employee can be a challenge, but human resource professionals, hiring managers and recruiters need to try and avoid some key errors in their process.

There are some typical errors that are made that can easily be avoided.  These include:

  • Hiring people who have padded their resumes
  • Asking lightweight and meaningless questions in interviews
  • Basing a hiring decision on the interview alone.  This should only be a part of the recruitment
  • Hiring managers should know some of the “soft skills” prior to an interview, things such as temperament or personality
  • Not checking references
  • Using only the resume to evaluate a candidate.  This will only increase turnover rates, and can end up causing the company more harm than good

Many of these things can be aided or cleared up by an employment screening.  When an employee pads a resume, an employment verification and an education verification are key tools to help a hiring manager know what the truth is.  It’s important to recognize the knowledge that can be gained from a background check.  If you are going to base a hiring decision on the interview alone, it could end up costing more money.  An employment screening can offer information about a person, some key knowledge that might present a different picture of an applicant than a simple resume.  A criminal search might reveal criminal issues that would directly impact the applicant’s ability to do the job.  A reference verification can certainly give some personal insight into some of the “soft skills” that a candidate brings to a job, but it can also provide a glimpse of the professional qualifications that will help back up what it states on a resume.

One of the most important things to remember when hiring a candidate is to never take the interview and resume as the final determiner for a hiring decision.  An employment screening is effective, and as the information is gathered and processed, it helps to present a complete view of the applicant and can make for an effective hiring decision.  

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