Pre-employment Drug Tests

It might not be something employers or job candidates look forward to, but for many jobs, a pre-employment drug test is a necessary part of the hiring process. But what does it cover? And who exactly does it protect?

We’ve broken drug testing down into a list of easy pros and cons, so you can decide if implementing one is the right choice for your company. Just as importantly – if it is the right choice, we lay out the right and wrong ways to implement it.

Pro – Pre-employment Drug Test Often Ensure Safety

Some jobs simply don’t mix with drugs – especially jobs involving heavy machinery. It’s why a drug test is mandated for any Department of Transportation job deemed “safety sensitive.” A drug test can help you feel safe about who’s driving your forklifts. Similarly, any job that involves supervising minors is a great candidate for, well, drug testing your candidates before hiring. It also makes sense for any position where quick decisions carry immediate weight for your team, and consequences for your clients.

In addition to the immediate safety of workers & customers, drug testing is about legal safety as well. If the worst happens on the clock, you’re in a better position to be protected from liability with a negative drug test in the books.

Con – Regulations Vary By Job & Location

Speaking of liability, different states have different regulations when it comes to testing for drugs, and some of them are even job-specific. It’s important to be transparent about every step of the process with your candidates, and to know what you’re allowed to test for or even ask about. Make sure you’re up to date on your state’s laws, along with local guidelines too. It goes without saying, but you really don’t want a lawsuit to arise from a process that’s intended to avert one.

Pro – Pre-employment Drug Tests Are Often Convenient

Drug testing doesn’t have to be a drag to schedule – either for you or for your candidates. It’s never been quicker or easier to book one – particularly if you work with a third-party company like PeopleG2 that handles all the legwork for you. Screenings can be conducted locally, then sent off to the lab for fast turnaround. They can even come to you, if necessary. All your candidate has to do is show up.

Con – Pre-employment Drug Tests Are Not Always Reliable

From false results to faked samples & beyond, any number of complications can arise when screening prospective employees for drugs. It’s important to use a service you really trust if you want results you can really trust. On top of that, candidates are entitled to know and contest those results. Don’t skip over this step, or again – you might wind up with a lawsuit on your hands.

Con – Pre-employment Drug Test Can Be Off-Putting

This one feels obvious but bears repeating – drug testing isn’t something every candidate is likely to embrace with open arms. The request – even when expected – casts an immediate impression, and changes the tone of the whole hiring process. Make sure it’s something you deliver with as much grace as possible if you’re looking to build trust with your future employee.

Pro – Pre-employment Drug Test Can Be Customized

You don’t need to test candidates for every drug at once. In fact, with marijuana becoming legal in more and more states, it’s one drug many employers might choose to leave off entirely, depending on job requirements. PeopleG2’s drug testing solutions allow for full customization. You only have to test for the drugs you want to test for, and that’s the kind of news that might put your candidate at ease too.

Customization is also useful when testing candidates who are on specific prescription medications. Again, however, make sure you’re not only allowed to test for what you want to test for, but that you’re allowed to even ask.

In Closing

So there you have it – three quick pros and cons of nobody’s favorite necessity. Still overwhelmed? PeopleG2 offers more than customized solutions to your drug testing needs; our award-winning team of experts knows your rights and your candidates’ rights inside & out, no matter your industry or location.

Come to us with any questions, and we’ll be happy to assist. Drug testing can be murky at times, but with the right team in your corner, you can feel safer about your own team – both now and in the future, no matter who joins.

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