Over half of all employed Americans work for small businesses.  When making employment decisions, many of the tools used for hiring, such as background checks, are the same for a small business as they are for large corporation.  As America continues to find ways to recover from the recession, the big push is for new job creation.  Two out of every three new jobs come from the small business sector, and it is a reminder for due diligence in a hiring process.

A background check is a big part of the due diligence mentioned above.  Without a background check, you will never have a true understanding of what the person can offer your company, both personally and professionally.  There are things that can remain hidden if not looked in to, and as costly as it is to make a hire, an employment screening can provide solid background information so that the money expended on hiring does not just to go waste. 

Most recently, the SBA has taken on the role of ensuring that small businesses have access to capital through small business loans.  With the statistic of 2 out of every 3 new jobs being provided by small businesses, it is imperative that small businesses be afforded as many opportunities as possible to gain capital and hire new personnel.  Hiring doesn’t have to be a challenge for a small business, like it might be for a large corporation that is inundated with 1000’s of job applications for every open position, but it does need to be done correctly.  This should include a background check that provides information from such things as a criminal search, employment verification or sex offender search.

Small businesses have experienced greater struggles than large corporations during the recession, and many have been forced to make difficult choices.  Once hiring begins, it is imperative that employment screenings play a large role in every decision.  A large corporation can better absorb the fallout from a bad hire; a small business needs to maximize every opportunity they can.  With this in mind, small businesses need to realize that as they move to begin to hire, or continue to hire, that due diligence is done and an employment screening is a part of the process to ensure that the correct hire is made.

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