It seems like every week we hear something different on the government’s job reports.  One report will say that things are improving, while other signs point to an ever worsening situation.  Even industries like construction and small business, which are typically the first ones to pull out of a recession, are having difficulty restarting due to the collapse of the credit/lending industry.

Years ago when more Americans worked on assembly lines, there were temporary layoffs.  Companies would inform workers of the pending layoff, and when it occurred, workers were met with a promise that when things picked back up, they would once again have steady employment.  This was also a time when workers were hired based on several different criteria, but attention was not necessarily paid to what we find today in a background check.  In today’s business world, where more and more people carry specific degrees or specialized skills, the job market is made that much more difficult with thousands of people vying for specific types of jobs that match their skill set or experience.

With such a saturated job market, an employment screening becomes all the more pertinent.  Whereas years ago factories had the luxury of bringing back the same people through a promise of continued employment once things picked up, in today’s market when there is a layoff, there is an immediate urgency to go out and find something new.  With specialized jobs in particular, an employment verification can help a company know where the individual has come from and whether or not they bring the needed skills to the table based on past experience. 

It is important to make sure your company is protected from hustlers who may be out to find any job they can get.  Conducting a background check is a sure fire way to ensure your company can move forward with little to no problems.

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