In today’s competitive job market, employees are constantly moving and looking to gain ground by moving to a company in the same industry.  The skills that one can transfer from one company to another help an individual maintain their status in the industry, while hopefully moving into a position of greater responsibility.

Unfortunately, with this mobility comes the possibility of high profile data theft.  Employees that leave a company disgruntled or are simply irresponsible may look at a position with a competitor as an opportunity to get ahead by offering confidential information.  With the digitization of company assets, it has become more important than ever for a company to identify ways in which valuable data can be protected.  When an employee leaves a company, unless safeguards are in place, they can take confidential information with them for their new company to disseminate.  This information might include trade secrets and other data which could adversely affect your company if it is provided to a competitor. 

Seyfarth Shaw is offering an opportunity for companies to learn more about how to best protect their valuable data.  They also want to provide insight on the best hiring practices when hiring a direct competitor’s employee.   For more information, please visit Seyfarth Shaw.  

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