In January, Liberty Alliance was proud to announce a name change to PeopleG2.  The “G2” represents a term used for “Intelligence Gathering.”  Many of our clients have asked about our company and the changes we have brought about.  PeopleG2 (formerly Liberty Alliance) will continue to operate as the same company we have been for the last 10 years.  We want to continue to offer our clients everything they need for background checks.  Along with this come several upgrades and new offerings for our clients to utilize for their human capital intelligence needs.

We have created a reputation in the industry as a company that believes in the human touch.  Many background check companies return results that are pulled from a computer and delivered to the customer without review. PeopleG2 makes the human touch a priority, and we will continue to review our work and return to you a quality product.  We are also committed to growing and changing with the latest technology, as well as continuing to provide industry leading customer service.  Our first and greatest commitment is providing our clients with their background check and employment screening needs.

Along with the name change, however, come new services that have been created as an added benefit to our clients.  From social media screening, to human capital risk management, to human capital issues in mergers and acquisitions, PeopleG2 now offers our clients more services to insure that human capital is managed and risks are fully taken out of the equation.

Please take some time to review our website, www.peopleg2.com.  As you look around, you will see the same commitment to employment screening and background checks as we have always had and that you have come to expect.  We hope that you will also see that we are committed to growing with the needs of our clients.  Our promise is that we will continue to put PeopleG2 on the cutting edge of Human Capital Intelligence, while remembering the importance of the human touch in all we do.

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