In todays job market, where there is so much competition for less available positions, the importance of a verifying an education is an important tool for an employer to have in their hiring process.  As the job market has stayed competitive, there has become more and more evidence of people falsifying their resumes to make them stand out.  One of the primary areas is the educational background.

A verification of education can provide solid proof that the diploma or degree an applicant states they have earned was indeed earned.  One of the leading concerns is that the diploma or degree being presented came from a diploma/degree mill.  These mills, which are prevalent worldwide, will create false documents so that it appears an applicant has received a particular degree.  This type of false representation can end up hurting a company in the long run, if a stated educational achievement was not verified. 

While most people consider employment and experience to be important to future job success, when a company relies on a degree which provides an academic background, they need to know that it was actually earned.  PeopleG2 provides a service which will provide a company with verification of education, an accurate and reliable verification that provides dates of attendance, date of completion, and the name of the diploma or degree.  Any company requiring an educational component to any job needs to consider a verification of education as a part of their background check package.

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