In a time in which people will do almost anything to get a job, a verification of education is something that has become almost necessary for positions which require a certain level of academic completion.  It is possible for people to falsify school documents, or simply just claim they have attained a particular degree.  With this in mind, a verification of education is a necessity for any company looking to hire a candidate with a particular degree or school achievement.

Verification of EducationHigh School Diploma

A high school diploma or GED is often the base requirement necessary for employment.  A verification of education is conducted to verify receipt of a diploma, and to ensure that the applicant has completed the requirements for either the diploma or the equivalent GED.  High school diplomas are important to verify, as these seem to be the most common and easiest to falsify.  Some companies will not go further than asking for proof.  A verification of education will provide the proof that is necessary to ensure the applicant is providing a document that is real.

Verification of EducationCollege Degrees

Any level of college degree can be verified.  Whether a company is looking to hire someone with a bachelor’s degree or a medical doctor degree, a verification of education can and should be conducted to verify that the applicant has obtained the necessary degree for what the position requires.

When education is important to a company for a particular position, a verification of education is an integral part of the background check process.  The bottom line is that if a company is going to require a particular level of education, then this type of search must be conducted to ensure that all persons hired meet the standard that is required of the company.  A verification of education can be easily overlooked, but it can mean the difference between hiring someone with false credentials, who has no business applying for a particular position, over someone that meets or exceeds every expectation, which is the person that any company wants to hire.

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